Other Accommodations

Priority Course Registration

Priority registration will be considered as a reasonable accommodation in select instances. With this accommodation, students are eligible to register at the beginning of the fall (for spring classes) and spring (for summer and fall classes) registration cycles. Priority registration is not an option in the summer for incoming students. Students may discuss this accommodation with their Accessibility Consultant during their initial meeting or may inquire by contacting us at sas@ucf.edu. Requests are considered but not guaranteed.

Students with priority registration will be able to register on the first day that registration opens for a given term. The UCF Academic Calendar has registration dates for each term, as well as when a student’s enrollment date and time will be available in myUCF. Students are responsible for seeing their academic advisor, planning for appropriate classes, signing into myUCF on a computer to view the schedule of available classes, and registering for courses at or after their scheduled registration appointment time.

Course Substitutions

Students may request to have a course substituted, typically a math or foreign language course, if they are unable to complete the course due to their disability. Students must provide information that supports the case that the student would not be able to pass the course, even with reasonable, appropriate accommodations. If a course is required for the student’s major, even if a substitution may be appropriate from a disability perspective, the major department will need to determine if the course is essential for the specific degree or if a substitution is reasonable.

UCF Placement/UTC and Graduate/Professional Exam Requests

For more information on these exams, please visit:

UCF Placement and UTC Exams

Graduate & Professional Exams