For Faculty

Knights Access Instructor

Knights Access Instructor is an online portal for UCF professors. If you have students in your class who are connected with Student Accessibility Services, you are welcome to use this portal to view and provide information regarding accommodations for students. This is an optional tool for faculty members to use.

Notetaking & Audio Recording Information for Professors

Professors, if you have any questions or concerns, please reference the F.A.Q. below or contact us if this guide does not answer your question.

Notetaking Information for Professors

If you would like to review the agreement form students sign in order to audio record, please reference the document below.

Audio and Technology Agreement

Course Policy Accommodation

The Course Policy Accommodation (CPA) is appropriate when a student has a chronic disabling physical or mental condition that is cyclic in nature. The student’s condition is stable; however, there are periodic flare ups that impact course attendance/assignments and are unpredictable. Please see the document below for additional information in regards to this accommodation.

CPA Faculty Information

Examples of reasonable Course Policy Accommodations:

Please note, The CPA is not a license to miss class whenever. Most every class has an absence limit that, once exceeded, makes it impossible to satisfy course objectives. Responsibility for completing class work is always in effect.

Quick Accessibility Tips