Preparation for Graduate School

Are you applying for a graduate program and seeking accommodations for graduate exams?

Although students may have accommodations through Student Accessibility Services (SAS), another institution or a testing organization that offers graduate entrance or professional certification exams may not provide the same accommodations. Requirements to receive accommodations vary by institute and testing organization. Students should look at what requirements each institution and testing organization have well in advanced (six months to a year) before applying to schools or scheduling an exam. Particular attention should be paid to any documentation requirements. Students should always retain of copy of their documentation in case it is needed in the future. In addition, students may need to get updated documentation to meet the requirements of other institutions and testing organizations.

SAS may be able to create a letter to verify the accommodations you received while at UCF or complete a form needed for another institution or testing organization. Sometimes completing these forms will require SAS to verify that documentation meeting specific criteria is on file with SAS. If we do not have the required documentation on file, we will be unable to complete the form. Some institutions or testing agencies may require students to submit documentation directly and will not accept any information provided by SAS as sufficient.

Students can find more information about some of the testing organization accommodation processes and requirements below. The following list is not all-inclusive:

If the exam or agency you are requesting accommodations for is not listed, please check with the agency to determine what information you would need to provide (i.e. completed form or letter from SAS).

Please allow up to 5 business days to complete your request.

To request for Certification of Eligibility for the GRE, please complete the following form:

To request an Accommodation Verification letter for any  exam, please complete the following form: