Campus Resources

Departments and offices that have disability services not provided by SAS.


Scholarship information for students with disabilities.

SAS & Career Services

SAS and Career Services have partnered together to assist you in your career preparation.

SAS Grievance and Fundamental Alteration Assessment Processes

Students with disabilities who would like to appeal a SAS process may follow these procedures.

Discrimination Grievance Process

Students, employees, applicants for employment or admission, or individuals with a disability who sought to use a University program or service are encouraged to consider utilizing the UCF Discrimination Grievance Procedure when a concern is identified. Please contact the Office of Institutional Equity for more information.

Service / Emotional Support Animals

The University of Central Florida (UCF) maintains a no-pets policy on campus and in its on-campus residence halls. There are occasional exceptions to that policy for service animals and emotional support animals when absolutely necessary for disability reasons, consistent with federal law and state statute. For additional information, please review UCF’s Policy on Service and Emotional Support Animals. If you have questions, Please contact Housing and Residence Life for more information about animals in housing or contact SAS for questions about animals in other campus areas.

Report a Physical Access Barrier Form

The University of Central Florida strives to ensure our campus facilities, including buildings and parking areas, are accessible and free of barriers. Automated doors have been installed, where possible, and they are tested and maintained. However, if you encounter a broken door activator or automated door, or other accessibility issues such as objects blocking access areas, please first report the problem to the building manager. If the issue is not resolved, please complete and submit this form to our office for assistance. Please complete this form to report any physical access barriers on any of the UCF Campuses. Student Accessibility Services will reach out to the appropriate department to resolve the issue.

Creating Access: Recognizing the Efforts of the UCF Community

Creating access at UCF is a community responsibility. At SAS, we want to know when other people are removing barriers and making campus more accessible for everyone. If you are aware of or are the beneficiary of a faculty member, staff member or another student who has removed barriers (by making changes to a course, by thinking beyond a policy, by demonstrating an attitude of openness and understanding, etc.), please share with us. We want to know about all of the great access opportunities and moments happening on campus.

To see the many ways UCF has already created access on campus, review our Campus Accessibility page.

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