Course Notes Accommodations

UCF students interested in receiving accommodations through Student Accessibility Services (SAS) must first attend a Welcome Meeting to be approved for the course notes accommodation. This accommodation is designed to give students access to lecture content. This access may be achieved in several ways.

One common method is through audio recording lectures. An audio recording device may be loaned out from SAS to a student by completing the Loan Request Form and selecting “Digital Audio Voice Recorder.” SAS also loans out LiveScribe SmartPens, which syncs a recording of the lecture to notes taken so that it is easier to go back and listen to particular parts of a lecture or review notes. For more information, please visit our Accessible Technology page. SAS has a limited number of LiveScribe Smartpens that may be loaned out to students using the Loan Request Form and checking “Smartpen.” Please note that these devices must be returned to SAS. A hold may be placed on a student’s account if the student fails to return the device. SAS also provides licenses of Sonocent Audio Notetaker and Sonocent Glean. For more information and to request the software license, please visit our Accessible Technology page.

When audio recording and notetaking technology do not prove to provide the access needed, students may request for SAS to attempt to recruit a notetaker who provides their notes to the student as a supplement to the student’s notes. To obtain a notetaker, a student must request the course notes accommodation in Knights Access for each course in which the student would like SAS to attempt to recruit a notetaker. For information on how to request a notetaker, please see the guide below. Please note that SAS will not facilitate finding a notetaker after the semester withdrawal deadline.

If SAS is unable to locate a notetaker for your class, and having course notes is essential to your ability to pass your course, please contact us at to explore additional options.

It may be helpful to improve your notetaking ability since notetakers’ notes are often imperfect. It may be as simple as using a laptop or tablet to take notes. The Student Academic Resource Center provides academic coaching in which students can work one on one do develop notetaking skills or other important academic skills. You may also review a list of apps below that some students have found to help them take notes independently and develop better note-taking skills. SAS does not officially endorse any apps.

In-Class Notetakers (Non-Employee)

SAS attempts to recruit student notetakers enrolled in classes with a student registered with SAS and approved for the course notes accommodation. Potential notetakers may log in to Knights Access and apply to be a notetaker in all of their courses or may wait to receive notification emails to their UCF Knights account requesting applications from students willing to share their class notes.

SAS will provide a letter of community service for up to 40 hours. The student that is selected is notified vial email to their UCF Knights Account and must complete the agreement in Knights Access in order to receive their community service hours at the end of the semester. For more information, see the guide below.