Important Information

The University has transitioned to remote work throughout the summer sessions. SAS will not proctor any face-to-face or online exams during this time. Please email us at with questions or specific issues that you need to resolve. Remote operating hours are 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. You will receive a response within one business day. For additional information visit Student Remote Learning and Accommodation Guidance or Faculty Remote Teaching and Access Guidance.

Student Remote Learning and Accommodation Guidance

Student Accessibility Services is available to talk with you about ensuring that you have access to your online courses. We encourage you to reach out to us and your professors to discuss implementation of accommodations you may need for your courses. The best way to contact us is to email Please see the additional information below for answers to frequently asked questions.


Yes, we are still operating and connecting student through virtual meetings. Please visit our Get Connected page for more information.

If you have already sent your CAL’s this semester and don’t need to add or update your accommodations, you do not need to send your accommodation letters again.

If you need to add an approved accommodation to a class, please follow these instructions to resend your accommodation letters:  How to Modify Accommodation Request Guide

Student Accessibility Services will not proctor any face-to-face or online exams.

To receive your testing accommodations online, first be sure that your Course Accessibility Letter (CAL) is requested. If you have not done this yet, instructions can be found here: How to Request Accommodations Guide. For online exams that you would like to use your extended time or other testing accommodation on, please be sure to contact (email, webcourses, etc) your professors at least 2 business days in advance to let them know that you want to use your extended time.

The CBA Keon Testing Center is closed. If you are in a business course and the exams were originally supposed to be proctored in the Keon Testing Center, you can request extended time at home during exams by submitting the CBA Keon Testing Center Extended Time form. This form only needs to be submitted once per course per semester. Please allow 1 to 2 business days for this form to be processed.

The EPC Testing Center is closed. If you need extra time testing accommodations for exams previously proctored in the EPC Testing Center, please contact your professor with at least two business days notice before your test date.

For any other testing accommodations with any of your online exams/quizzes, please speak with your professor as soon as possible so that issues of accessibility concerns can be addressed as they arise. If you need to use specific accessible technology (Dragon, screen reader, etc.) in order to complete an online exam, we may need to work with you on how these tests can occur. We can explore options with you and your professor, which may include you downloading free accessible software. Please contact us by emailing

If you have back to back classes and your professor holds class at specific times of the day, please communicate with your professor that you have this overlap and ask them to adjust the exam time frame. If you need assistance in communicating this to your professor, please reach out to us at .

If your course will be video lecture content, a volunteer notetaker will be asked to continue to take notes within the course. Notetakers are instructed to take notes only on video lecture content and not any written material. If you have questions regarding their notetaking accommodation, please direct them to contact

If you use CPA for face-to-face classes, the terms of the accommodation will apply where applicable to online classes. For instance, if your plan allows one make-up exam or one late assignment across the entire semester as a health-related accommodation, that option remains in effect. If you need to discuss other aspects of the CPA for your specific course, please contact us.

While the university has shifted the withdrawal deadline in response to the remote instruction, SAS will adhere to the initial two-week period prior to the March 20th withdrawal deadline as the cutoff period for SAS facilitating new CPA plans this semester. The cutoff date period exists because it is often too complex to reasonably address any missed classes and work prior to a CPA being facilitated late in the semester while also building a CPA plan for future course dates and assignments. The purpose of the CPA is to support a student over the duration of the semester rather than for a limited window of time within a semester. Students are encouraged to discuss academic standing with professors based on performance to date while considering the options of taking the course for a grade, as a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory outcome or possibly a withdrawal by April 20th.

Not all accommodations that were previously set up to create access in face to face courses are necessary for online courses. You may find that some barriers have been removed now that your classes are online. You may also experience the similar barriers in your online courses as you did in face to face classes, but the process to use the accommodations may be different. Information about accessible technology for course work is listed below. If your question about how to use an accommodation is not addressed by other sections in this F.A.Q. or by the accessible technology resources below, please contact us.

Accessible Technology for Course Work:

If you are now experiencing new barriers due to the online class environment, please reach out to us so that we can discuss possible accommodations that may be available at

If you are a student who is deaf or hard of hearing AND you have already been approved for accommodations such as speech-to-text captioning, captioned videos, or interpreting, please fill out the following forms if you need captions for your courses which are being delivered online.

Recorded Media (YouTube videos, lectures that were recorded and posted, etc.)

Live Captions for class lectures happening in real-time through Zoom or another platform:

If you have not already done so, please submit your accommodation requests (Course Accessibility Letters). 

If you need remote interpreting services or have questions, please contact us at

You can delay return of loaned equipment until July 31 or December 13. Details on return options were emailed to all students who loaned out equipment.  PLEASE DON’T return your device until the SAS office reopens. Mailed items will not be accepted as UCF Postal services are closed until further notice.  If you did not get the information or have more questions, please contact A hold will be placed on your account if you have not provided a return date preference by April 20.

Many UCF support services are continuing to be offered but have switched to a virtual format, for example the Student Academic Resource Center and Counseling and Psychological Services. For more information on how to navigate the transition to online delivery, please visit the UCF Keep Learning page.

No, ProctorHub is a passive proctoring solution. It assists faculty members with quiz and exam authentication while helping to curb cheating. After you complete your ProctorHub exam, instructors see a series of images taken over the course of your exam. Visit ProctorHub FAQ for more information.