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Accommodation Request (via Knights Access)

Using your NID and NID password, sign into Knights Access and request which accommodation(s) you will use for each class. After you request your accommodations, SAS will prepare a Course Accessibility Letter for your professor and send it via email. Professors will only be notified of the accommodations requested for that particular course. Please note, there may be a delay in your classes being displayed in Knights Access if you recently added or dropped a class. Knights Access is updated daily.

How to Request Accommodations in Knights Access
How to Cancel or Modify Accommodation Request in Knights Access

CBA Keon Testing Center Extended Time Accommodation

This form only needs to be submitted once per semester.

The CBA Keon Testing Center now allows students with the accommodation of extended time to take their exam in the facility. If you would like to receive extended time while completing your exam in the Keon Testing Center, please submit this form. Note: Please allow 1 to 2 business days for this form to be processed.

University Testing Center and Other Third-Party Exam Accommodations

Students with disabilities seeking accommodations for most University Testing Center (UTC) tests must request approval from SAS. Students not currently registered may need to submit appropriate documentation to SAS for review.

Students seeking accommodations for graduate entrance or professional certification exams may request certification from SAS for accommodation services provided and used while enrolled as a UCF student. Please allow at least 3 business days for our office to process your request. During busy times of the semester, the turnaround time may be a bit longer.

Loan Request Form

Certain assistive and accessible technology is available for loan for to students registered with SAS or to UCF Departments. Quantities of items available for loan are limited and issued on a “first come, first served” basis. All requestors must return equipment within the agreed upon lending period and in good condition (showing no signs of misuse).

Course Policy Accommodation – Option 1

Students who have been approved for the Course Policy Accommodation have the option of working directly with their instructors. Students are strongly advised to use the CPA Option 1 form to guide the conversation about potential missed coursework or attendance.

Course Policy Accommodation – Option 2

Students who have been approved for the Course Policy Accommodation have the option to request that SAS contact their instructors. SAS will work with the instructor to define the parameters of this accommodation specific to the course. Once the CPA Option 2 form is submitted, the student will be assigned a point of contact at SAS.

Temporary Impairment Assistance Request Form

Students with temporary impairments seeking testing assistance from SAS must submit documentation (letter from physician or medical documents showing the nature and extent of the injury) for approval. Three to five business days is the approximate time for SAS to review documentation and contact students to schedule a Welcome Meeting with an Accessibility Consultant.

Report a Physical Access Barrier Form

Please complete this form to report any physical access barriers on any of the UCF Campuses. Student Accessibility Services will reach out to the appropriate department to resolve the issue.

Knights Access allows students connected with Student Accessibility Services to submit their request for approved accommodations from anywhere via internet access. Use Knights Access to submit…

  • Student Application (only needs to be completed once)
  • Accommodation Request (Previously known as the Accommodation Letter Request)
  • Notetaking Requests
  • Exam Request (for ALL UCF Campuses)

COMING SOON: E-text Request, ASL Interpreting & Captioning Request