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Student Accessibility Services

Please be aware that the CBA Keon Testing Center cannot guarantee a distraction-reduced environment or any other accommodation(s) other than extended time. If at any time you would like to use your additional accommodations, please schedule an exam with the Testing Team at Student Accessibility Services, by logging into Knights Access on the SAS homepage.

Personal Information

Fill out your contact information to the right. Please ensure that this information is accurate so that we can easily contact you if needed.

Class Information 001

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Course Example
Prefix: MAN
Number: 3025
Section: 0001

Conditions/Terms of Use

I agree that testing in the CBA Keon Testing Center only allows me to receive extended time. I understand that I will not receive any other accommodation(s) while testing at the CBA Keon Testing Center. Please allow 1 to 2 business days for this form to be processed.

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